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McGinley Manufacturing utilizes high precision machines, many that are unique in Wyoming. Contact our team today to see how we can assist you with your machining and manufacturing needs.

Kitamura hx400g

5-axis mill

Walter Helitronic Mini Automatic 5- Axis CNC Precision-Robotic Grinder

Tsugami MO8SY 

5-axis lathe

Tsugami S206 Swiss 6-Axis Lathe

CHMER CM323C Plunge Electronic Discharge Machine

Doosan DNM 500HS & DNM 500 II 3-Axis Mills

Haas VF-3 3-Axis Mill & HL-2 2-Axis Lathe

Prototrak TRL 2460SX Lathe


Keyence IM-7001
Image Dimensional Measurement System


Zeiss Eclipse
Coordinate Measuring Machine

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